Company profile

In the early eighties MILCON SKY SYSTEMS started specializing in the rental of scissor lifts, telescopic aerial work platforms, forklifts, telescopic handlers and mini cranes. Now, more than 20 years on, MILCON has grown into a dynamic international organization built on the following pillars:

  • a comprehensive, varied and modern fleet of machines
  • an enthusiastic and committed team
  • a skilled technical department
  • speedy service
  • safety
  • an international network with esteemed partners
  • a state of the art logistics system
  • innovation & customer orientation

Over the years our rental fleet has developed into an extremely versatile, modern and high-quality range of machines, enabling us to provide every customer with a machine suitable for his requirements and deliver it on time.

It goes without saying that this delivery is preceded by expert advice from our specialized team of in-house or fi eld representatives, who will help you decide which machine meets your specific requirements. Our technical specialists will ensure that your rental machine is delivered in excellent condition to guarantee safe and efficient execution of your work.

A large number of our own trailers and a range of delivery options from our regional depots in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany make it possible for us to deliver as closely as possible to the time required.


When renting a machine from Milcon you are guaranteed to have maximum return on your investment. Our team makes every effort to ensure that every order is processed correctly. Our success is achieved by:

Sound advice up front.

Our team can give you detailed advice on which machine is suitable for your specific needs either over the phone or in person. When required we are pleased to visit your work site to help you determine the right type of machine.

Deliveries made on time and correctly.

To ensure that machines can be delivered on time and correctly, it is essential that the driver has all information at his disposal (correct address and the name of contact person). Our driver will arrive on time and can hand over the machine to the right people and give appropriate instructions on how to use the machine.

Fast and accurate service assistance.

To avoid stagnation of your work and minimize delays we have suffi cient skilled mechanics with mobile workshops available, who can carry out almost any repair on the spot.

Advice on safety matters.

The use of aerial work platforms and forklifts requires a thorough knowledge of safety aspects. What can and cannot be done? What should and should not be done? We can train your people and provide them with the highly recommended IPAF certificate: the international standard in safe use of aerial work platforms and forklifts!


Just as in the past, MILCON will continue to research developments and explore business opportunities and new regions in the future. Naturally, we will keep up-to-date with all national and international legislation relating to the use of lifting and aerial working systems.

What can you expect from us?

MILCON’s aim, now and in the future, is to ensure our machines meet the expectations and wishes of our customers as much as possible. A good example of this is a permanent power supply on the platform, so that the operator has a voltage of 2500 or more available continuously. Many of our telescopic aerial work platforms will be fitted out with this feature.

In addition to the safety requirements that apply in general, it sometimes happens that very specific requirements are enforced at certain locations (particularly chemical plants). We follow such developments closely and try to contribute where possible. For example, we fitted our machines with a rim safeguard for a major chemical industry organisation in Germany.

If interesting products come on the market in the field of lifting and aerial working systems, we will explore these to see if any could be added to our range.

We will continue to expand our activities on an international level. After setting up agencies in Poland, Spain and China, we are now looking into collaboration opportunities in countries such as the Czech Republic and Turkey. If you are active in several countries, you could benefit from our familiar MILCON quality there as well.